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Seasonal Lappish Cafe

Home is where the hearth is


Every day

10 - 16

About us

Tunturin Henget Oy

Hello and welcome to the home of Kotamaja!

We are a petite, family run business, based in Ylläs, Lapland, Finland.

Kotamaja is a Ski Lodge located in the heart of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park.

Kotamaja is open seasonally and offers a unique experience,
nourishment & refreshment, warmth around an open fire and breathtaking scenery.

Best atmosphere

In 2021, Kotamaja received an award for the best atmosphere! 🙂

What we offer

We offer a selection of hot and cold beverages, snacks and heartier meals.

We have warm Reindeer soup everyday which is very popular!
We have a daily offer on the soup, including coffee, a cold drink, bread, butter / margarine and the soup itself.

Kotamaja offers some wonderfully refreshing Rieska rolls (Traditional Lappish bread) with savoury fillings of Salmon and Reindeer.
We have spent many hours perfecting the way that we make our coffee as we all know how much Finns love their coffee!

For those looking to try something new, we have a wide selection of mouthwatering homemade warm juices made from berries and herbs that only exist in Lapland!
The juices are rich in nutrients and ripe in flavour! (available cold also)

We have a wide selection of teas, ranging from green to earl grey!


Kotamaja is one of Lapland's oldest remaining Log cabins.
It was built in 1969 and has been a very desirable location ever since it was built.
Constructed almost entirely of Pine logs, Kotamaja has a stunning interior and a stone hearth where new friends can be made around the warmth of fire and delicious coffee.

The interior of kotamaja has been styled to feel like a home: warm, traditional and crafted with love, care and a great amount of attention to detail.

The surroundings are just breathtaking, once in a life time feeling and feeling right at home are the most wonderful feelings for all that visit Kotamaja.

Kotamaja's celebrity

Friendly four legged friends are more than welcome in Kotamaja!

kotamaja latvamaja antlers inverted

We love nature and try our best yearly to reduce our footprint on the environment.
We are currently, consciously in the process of reducing plastic products.

Almost everything we sell in our cafes are 100% recyclable, even the cutlery!

Opening times


Every day
10 - 16

Please note
The following times are our typical opening hours.
These may be subject to change.
Please refer to the above section for our current opening times.

We hope our typical opening hours will help you plan your wonderful
adventures in Lapland a little better 🙂

(Early December - Early February)

We are usually open daily
10 - 15

(Early February - Early May)

We are usually open daily
10 - 16


We are usually open
Wednesday - Sunday

10 - 16


We are usually open daily

10 - 16

We do not have the most strict of opening and closing times,
as we would not want you to suffer in the cold.

Everyone has special journeys and personal experiences,
come and share yours with us in our guestbooks.

We always love to read your stories and feedback!


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Our friends and fans

Our friends at the National park

They are a non-profit organisation, who keep the park in great condition and provide emergency assistance.

For more information on the area and local events

Warmest of welcomes
Thank you for visiting